Will Brinson of CBSSports.com Eye on Football joined The Adam Jones Show on Tuesday night and was asked about the potential for the Patriots’ offense to struggle this season. He said that’s unlikely to happen, thanks in large part to Shane Vereen.

“It was a really difficult formation for a defense to go up against,” Brinson said of Vereen’s touchdown play against the Eagles, when he lined up wide left and made a catch in the end zone. “When you put Vereen out on that far left side, who’s supposed to guard him? You’re not going to stick a cornerback on him, because then all of a sudden you’re leaving a wide receiver matched up against a linebacker.

“So he gets that linebacker matchup, and he’s a really good pass catching running back. I think he serves as kind of the de facto Aaron Hernandez guy in this offense. Someone who can move around as a sort of chess piece and really kind of disrupt and manipulate the way the defenses operate.”

Of course, Vereen won’t be the centerpiece of the offense.

“I think any notion that the Patriots are in trouble offensively or that the Patriots will struggle offensively is far-fetched and short-sighted. You’ve got Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski, who granted might not be healthy right away. Those two guys with Tom Brady and four corpses could generate a high-powered offense,” Brinson said. “Gronk, if he gets healthy, he’s one of the best tight ends in the game when he’s healthy. And Amendola, if he stays healthy, you’re talking about a really good route runner, a really smart pass catcher, a guy who’s going to be on Tom Brady’s same wavelength.

“I think if one of those guys – [Kenbrell] Thompkins or [Aaron] Dobson – step up, all of a sudden you have the makings for another potent offense.”

Brinson also discussed situations in Buffalo, Washington and the good old New York Jets.


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