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Here is a look at our picks this week for programming on myTV38. See our program guide for the complete schedule of what to watch!


Monday 8/12 – 7:30pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Agreement Dissection”
Priya decides to use her lawyer skills to pick apart the roommate agreement, thus putting Leonard in his place; the girls decide to take Sheldon out dancing.

“[Priya] You may have gone to Cambridge but I’m an honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy!” –Sheldon



Tuesday 8/13 – 6:30pm

How-I-Met-Your-Mother-LogoHow I Met Your Mother
“The Platinum Rule”
Before Ted takes his doctor out for a nice evening on the town, his friends recommend that he take a step back and listen to their own past experiences.

“He’s a hockey player and I’m Canadian. I can’t help it. If he was missing some teeth I probably would’ve already hit that.” –Robin



Wednesday 8/14 – 5:00pm

The-King-of-Queens-LogoThe King of Queens
“Sold-y Locks”
Doug tries to convince Carrie to sell her hair to a wig-maker to raise money for their cruise, but finds himself disappointed with the results.

“Trust me. Any wig I put on, I’m gonna look like Rick James.” –Deacon



Thursday 8/15 – 7:30pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Roommate Transmogrification”
The guys take joy in reminding Wolowitz that he is the only one in the group that isn’t a doctor; Koothrappali becomes Sheldon’s new roommate.

“Come on, dude. I’m exhausted and Tyra Banks says the most important item in your makeup bag is a good night’s sleep.” –Raj



Friday 8/16 – 6:00pm

“The Bubble Boy”
On their way to the family cabin, George and Susan visit a boy who lives in a bubble; Kramer and Naomi start a fire that ends up burning down the cabin.

“No, no, no. I’m not happy, I’m not lucky, and I don’t go. If anything, I’m sad-stop-unlucky.” –Jerry



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