Transit Officer Richard Donohue, Jr. was shot in the thigh, hitting his femoral artery, while trying to capture Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Richard’s brother Ed continually updated Toucher & Rich on Richard’s condition since the show is the transit officer’s favorite on the radio. Rich, along with Adolfo, even went and spent some time with Officer Donohue and delivered an iPad to help him pass the time while in the hospital.

T&R invited the brothers to come hang out in studio once Richard was well enough. Fourth months later the two were able to visit the studio and talk with T&R on the air about life since the bombings and recovering from the life threatening injury.

The guys discussed some of the visitors that Richard got while in the hospital such as Tedy Bruschi, senators, military veterans and even Rob Gronkowski. Richard also shared a story about a trip to New York and a visit Guy Fieri’s restaurant.


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