The Red Sox continue to find ways to come back and win games.

A night after rallying back from being down five runs, the Red Sox beat the Astros in the ninth thanks to a three-run homer off the bat of Stephen Drew.

The Sox now hold a two and a half game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Toucher & Rich were joined by Hunter Golden of to discuss the Red Sox and their pitching, particularly Felix Doubront.

Is Doubront on a hot streak or is this a real deal situation? Could Doubront be the best left-handed starter on this team?

“He might be one of the best left-handed starters in baseball right now,” said Golden. “This is something a little bit more than a hot streak, this has really been going on since the beginning of May.”

Say that Clay Buchholz gets healthy and the playoffs started now would Jon Lester be part of this rotation with the way that Felix Doubront has been pitching this year?

“The playoff start today he’s without a doubt in the rotation. I think he’s better than Lester now.”

They moved on to discuss starter Jake Peavy, a piece that the Red Sox added before the trade deadline, what’s the top for him at this age with this team?

“I think his cap could be number two, I think when this guy is on he’s still as good as anyone in baseball.”


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