A Blog by Gary LaPierre

The answer to question number one is YES.     The answer to question number two is Barack.   With his legacy already looking like forty miles of bad road and a total lack of accomplishments, I find it absolutely astounding how this administration can hit the campaign trail, or slide into vacation mode, like there’s nothing going on in the world that needs some attention.    And as they have done since the community organizer started campaigning more than 8-years ago, the media gives him a free ticket to ride.    Him, his wife, his two kids, his mother-in-law, and the dog….. all given a free ticket to ride and while the taxpayers go along for the ride as well……they’re the only ones who have to pay….and pay……and pay.     I’m tellin’ you….this guy pulls off one blunder after another…….day after day….labeling world-wide crisis and corruption as “fake” and “phony” and time-after time, the media turns him into Teflon.

Speaking of…..all of the above……I turned on the Network evening news the other night, looking for the latest on this totally unprecedented shutdown of U.S. Embassies all over the world…..because of a terror threat.    A total shutdown of our stakes in Northern Africa, throughout the Middle East and beyond.   It’s never been done before……it’s a move to prevent another “phony” incident like we saw in Benghazi, diplomats are being moved and shuttled through the region, our mighty military men, women and equipment are being moved into strategic positions,  Americans are put on alert for air travel all over the world and may remain that way for at least another month and….guess what occupied the first 6 and a half minutes of the Network’s newscast……..A-Rod gets suspended from baseball through 2014.…..BUT………he’ll be playing tonight with the Yankees pending his appeal and to keep his 30-million dollar contract in tact.     Is this sick or what?   No, I don’t mean the young generation use of the word “sick”……I mean just plain “SICK.”

I had no idea how prophetic my words from 6 years ago when I declared……”the public has stolen the media, and totally &^#^*^%’d it up.”    No truer words have been spoken on the subject and yes, I intend to elaborate extensively on a regular basis.


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