BOSTON (CBS) — Just about everything the 2004 Red Sox did became a part of baseball history in Boston, from David Ortiz’s back-to-back walk-off hits in the ALCS, to Dave Roberts’ steal of second base, Curt Schilling’s bloody sock, all the way to the team reportedly taking shots of Jack Daniel’s before some of the games.

But it’s time to change history a bit, as Pedro Martinez revealed that the team wasn’t exactly drinking Jack Daniel’s but instead was enjoying mamajuana, a Dominican specialty.

“Ellis Burks was walking by, and Manny [Ramirez] was shaking the Mama Juana,” Martinez said in an interview with Boston Magazine. “Ellis goes, ‘Manny, what’s that?’ And Manny goes, ‘This is Mama Juana, bro.’ Ellis decided to taste it, so [Kevin] Millar came over, Johnny Damon came over. David [Ortiz], too. We all took a sip and we won the game, so the routine had to continue.”

Pedro said it became a tradition, with whatever spirit was available in the clubhouse.

“Anything that we could find, because we didn’t have any liquor in the clubhouse,” Martinez said. “We mixed in vodka, gin, rum, Jack Daniel’s — everything! But it wasn’t enough to get you drunk or anything. The starting pitcher wouldn’t take it. We did it to keep the team unity together. You will never find a more unified team than ’04. That team probably leads the history of the game in having dinner together.”

As for his future in the game, Martinez seemed to indicate he’s very happy in his current role, and he doesn’t desire to jump back into the everyday routine of a baseball season by managing or coaching. He also said he regrets saying the Yankees were his “daddy” and also regrets his incident with Don Zimmer, but he didn’t seem willing to back off his “Who is Karim Garcia?” comment.

“I know who he is, but I just don’t see any highlights of him,” Martinez said. “I wish I would see a highlight or something.”

Same old Pedro.


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