BOSTON (CBS) – More household savings from The AARP Bulletin.

#47 Stove vs. Microwave:  A microwave is more efficient for reheating small portions than a stove top.

Dee: My kind of thinking especially in the summer when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen. Microwaves use 80% less energy and cost about three times less according to the Environmental Protection Agency. I use the microwave to heat leftovers and I think it does a better job than the stovetop and you don’t need to dirty a pot!

#48 Use Less Water Per Flush:  Place a 2 liter bottle filled with sand inside the toilet tank or fill the tank with water collected from showers and baths.

Dee: Can you imagine the mess, water and possible mold on the bathroom floor as the kids slog the water across the bathroom out of the tub and into toilet? Oh, and how are they going to get that heavy lid off the toilet without dropping it on their toes? Maybe the 2 liter bottle is feasible but it is not practical to haul the water.

#49 Visit ReStores:  For inexpensive home improvement and building materials, both new and used, check out the Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

Dee: Worth a trip to a ReStore if you are planning a project. There are 8 stores in Massachusetts, one in West Roxbury, all run by the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity.

We have a friend on the cape who frequents the store in Yarmouth and has converted his garage into a workshop with heat because he lacks a basement. He has gotten windows, kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Insulation he had to buy but he found wall board at the ReStore.

It’s like the TJ Maxx of the building material stores. You never know what they might have for everything is donated and stuff moves in and out quickly.

I have also seen furniture, dishes, stoves, sinks, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Prices are really good for they want to move the stuff out.

Here’s the full list of 99 Great Ways to Save from the AARP Bulletin


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