By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – I heard New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner doing something Monday that, for him, seems to be very unusual – telling the truth.

In response to the daily barrage of questions about when he’ll drop out of the race now that we know he continued to do what he did even after he promised he’d never do it again, Weiner told reporters that it was “up to the people to decide.”

And I agree with that.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Of course, that doesn’t mean waiting until the September primary, which is the first chance voters will get to discard Weiner. His audience right now is donors and activists.

If they’re telling him today he’s all done, he could be gone by the weekend.

And that’s probably the best outcome for all concerned. After all this, would you trust him to walk your dog?

But I hear Weiner saying he won’t be pushed out of the race by pundits or other pols, nor should he be.

Pundits should never have that much power; the pols calling for his head are just worried about how he might damage them. Trust me, Eliot Spitzer isn’t badmouthing Weiner from any kind of moral high ground.

Weiner has made a fool of himself, but he hasn’t broken any laws. If he can get enough financial and organizational support to continue, that means there are enough people who believe in him to make his candidacy relevant.

So absolutely, you go Anthony, let the people of New York City make the call.

And we’ll see if they’re prepared to put a little boy behind the wheel of a really big car.

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