Gresh and Zolak continue their summer school tour with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who face off against the Patriots in Week 9.

First up is taking attendance, where the Steelers have several familiar faces absent, including Mike Wallace, Rashard Mendenhall, and James Harrison. Mendenhall was replaced by rookie Le’Veon Bell, which Gresh believes is a very good replacement.

Next up it’s the pop quiz, where Gresh and Zo debate whether the Steelers can return to their status as an elite team from a few years ago. The guys agree the Steelers must stay healthy to accomplish that.

After that is Fantasy 101, the guys differ on “studs,” but agree on the same “sleeper”: Le’Veon Bell.

Finally it’s final grade, where the guys decide how the Steelers fair based on their Vegas over/under of 9.5. Zolak believes they go over and return to the playoffs, while Gresh is down on his hometown team.


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