BOSTON (CBS) – We did a series a couple of weeks ago on the 99 Great Ways to Save from the AARP Bulletin. I’ve had lots of listener feedback. So here’s more.

We left off on #32 in the ways to save in the garden section. I do not plan to go thru all 99 suggestions. Some are not worth the time and many just won’t work for most listeners.

#33 Fall Planting: The best time to plant flowers, trees, and shrubs is in the late summer or fall.

Dee:  This is my favorite time of year to plant. In the spring which is when most of us want to plant you really need to worry about watering for months. And if you are planning a summer vacation getting someone to water for you.  Plants chances of survival are better in the fall and every nursery right about now is having a sale. Some even as deep as 50% off.

On to ways to save on cleaning.

#34 Make Your Own: Check the Internet for recipes with instructions for creating homemade laundry detergent. A batch costs you pennies.

Dee: I did check the internet and I did find recipes and glowing endorsements from people who make their own soap. They use a food processor to grind up the bar soap, add things like Borax and washing soda and they make about a year’s worth.

Powdered soap has a shelf life because moisture can get into it. And then you will have a solid mess. One woman spoke of using a drill to break up the solidified soap.

For most of us we don’t have the space to store a year’s worth of soap. My recommendation try using less soap to save on laundry and maybe even wearing some things more than one day so you are not doing so much laundry. Look for sales and use coupons to buy your detergent.


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