During a crossover with Gresh & Zo last week, Jon Wallach impressed Fred Toucher with his knowledge of the show Beverly Hills, 90210.

So on Tuesday, Fred decided to see if Wallach knew more about the Boston Red Sox or the hit show from the 90’s. After eight questions on each topic, it was clear that Wallach knew more about Beverly Hills, 90210 — getting all eight questions right when it came to the show and only got two of the Sox questions correct.

After this little quiz, CSNNE’s Joe Haggerty tweeted that he could take down Wallach in a battle of Beverly Hills, 90210 trivia.

So, Toucher & Rich put together a test for the two and had Haggerty come in on Wednesday morning to put his knowledge up against Wallach’s.

Did Haggs take down Wallach? Listen and find out:


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