BOSTON (CBS) – The New England Patriots begin training camp this week, and head coach Bill Belichick is set to address the media Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m..

It will be Belichick’s first time at the podium since the arrest of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. While owner Robert Kraft has addressed the story, Belichick has not, and it’s not clear if he will in fact talk about Hernandez, or take the Belichick-route with it.

While some think Belichick will give the old “it is what it is”-type answer, or put it off all-together, The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin thinks the head coach will address it and move on.

“Maybe I’m naïve because I’m the new guy in town, but I do think he’s going to tackle it head on, at least as much as Bill Belichick will do it. I think he’ll come out and have a statement about Aaron Hernandez and probably answer a few questions about it,” Volin told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Tuesday.”He won’t say much and probably say it’s an ongoing investigation. You won’t hear him pour his heart out and say they made a mistake, but at least hell talk about it – how surprised he was that a guy could live a double-life off the field and how they didn’t see it coming.”

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“It won’t be anything too enlightening, but I do think he has to address it to make it go away. If he sticks his head in the sand it’ll look like they’re hiding something,” said Volin. “He’ll rip off the Band-Aid and get it out of the way tomorrow and then say he’s never discussing it again.”

“They’ve probably already gone over what they’ve said, and they’ve probably already got over what the captains will say on Thursday,” he said. “They’re not going to exactly support Aaron Hernandez but they won’t come out to harshly either. They’ll play it down the middle and just address this thing– that’s what people have wanted.”

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“(By addressing it) it gets the media out of the way,” said Volin. “Give CNN their sound bite and they can just go away and everyone can move on from this thing.”


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