By meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

We are almost there! We had a tease on Sunday as the heat wave broke, only to return in full again. The entire month of July has been humid and it is time for some of the dry air to slide in from Canada. Hey, we don’t live this far north from the equator for nothing! Yet, we still have to give it a little time because once again the dewpoint meter is on the rise and so are our frustrations. Humidity has a way of making us a bit grumpy..just ask my wife! Don’t tell her I said that please!

What a morning it has been! Torrential rainfall dumping inches of rain across the region. Some areas in western MA have seen 2-4″ today. The ground is saturated in many areas so any other down pours could lead to localized flash flooding. Flash Flood Watch is up until 8 PM. A warm front is lifting through southern New England. As it does, it is taking the heavy rain and storms along with it for the afternoon. Behind the warm front, warmer, steamy air with hazy breaks of sun as a dry slot shifts north for the afternoon. Highs climbing into the upper 70’s and Lwr 80’s south. We will have to watch for scattered showers and storms to start popping again across SNE during the afternoon and possibly form a line of stronger storms which could form and maybe even some severe weather if we get enough sun to break. These scattered storms will come with more heavy rain and the potential for street flooding. I would expect some of these showers and storms to be around the greater Boston area around the evening commute.

Things should quiet down tonight with cloudy, humid conditions and light southerly winds. Clouds will begin to break overnight and set the stage for a pretty nice Wednesday. Partly sunny skies, with a muggy start to the day. A cold front will be pushing off the coast. This is the leading edge of the drier air which will be pushing in during the afternoon. This could briefly spark a pop up shower or storm Midday-afternoon Wednesday. Humidity levels will begin to fall off in a big way by Wednesday night as cooler dry air will come rushing in with dewpoints returning to their rightful place in the 50’s! Refreshing! High pressure will settle in behind the front providing a seasonally cool airmass with NNE winds and highs only in the 70’s. Temps will be slightly warm by Friday with a mix of sun and clouds into the start of the weekend. Humidity will begin to build during the weekend along with slightly warmer temps. A cold front will approach by Sunday which will likely be the day for increasing clouds and scattered showers and storms to form. Saturday looks like the pick of this coming weekend.

Hang in there…something has got to give here!


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