BOSTON (CBS) – A young man from Chelsea is being hailed a hero after pulling a woman out of her crashed car.

Leonardo Recupero is still in shock remembering the scene he came upon in the pre-dawn hours on Monday. A car was on its roof on Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester, seriously damaged

“It seemed like honestly the way the car was that it could have caught fire,” said Leonardo. “The trunk’s open, everything fell out of the trunk, the whole top of the roof of the vehicle collapsed into the seats.”

The vehicle was flipped over in the middle of the street. He noticed a woman trapped inside and took action.

“I went over there, I looked and I seen somebody still moving, someone talking, so my first reaction was trying to get ‘em out,” said Leonardo. “I tried to open the door and the door was locked. The girl was saying ‘my head was hurting’ she was in a lot of pain.”

By this time somebody else had stopped, but they still couldn’t get the victim out. Finally as ambulance crews arrived, Leonardo broke the window with a tire iron and helped get her out.

“We ended up breaking the window and getting her out of the vehicle.”

The woman was taken to the hospital and her injuries were described as not life threatening.

Leonardo was only driving on the road at the time because he happened to get lost.


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