BOSTON (CBS) — Throughout his 11-year career with the Red Sox, we’ve all seen David Ortiz do just about everything there is to do in a baseball uniform. But this is most certainly a new one.

The Red Sox’ slugger will be the team’s lone representative in the starting lineup of the American League on Tuesday night, and he chose an interesting method of travel to get from the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan to Citi Field out in Queens.

He chose to Prancercise.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Prancercising is, then you must have missed the Internet sensation that featured a woman named Joanna Rohrback moseying her way through a golf course while wearing ankle weights and using some interesting steps. And hops. And gallops.

Prancercising became so popular that John Mayer’s video for “Paper Doll” featured nothing except for Rohrback Prancercising for four-plus minutes.

So how did Ortiz do? See for yourself.

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