Felger and Marc “The Beetle” Bertrand kicked off the day discussing the New England Patriots and cornerback Alfonzo Dennard’s recent run-in with the law. This morning, Dennard was arrested in Nebraska and accused of DUI.  Should the Patriots release Dennard? Will the Pats release him?

In the second hour, debate about Dennard continues. The guys also discuss where the Red Sox need to add help before the deadline.

The third hour kicks off with Felger and Beetle’s thoughts on Tuukka Rask’s eight-year contract with the Bruins.

“Eight years — that’s a long, long time to be locked into anybody,” Bertrand said. “Eight years is a very long time in any sport with any player. It is a very long commitment.”

“I like the player; I dislike the contract,” Felger said.

Dennard, of course, remained a topic of conversation. And they wrapped up the hour by discussing the bizarre Anna Benson-Kris Benson story.

In the final hour, there was plenty of more debate about Dennard, and Felger and Beetle have a lot of laughs in the Final Word at Adam Kaufman’s expense.


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