There are places on this planet that are less desirable, according to the local news, and some are even in this country. Places where crazy or weird news stories seem to be the norm.

So Toucher & Rich are doing their due diligence to warn you about these “Armpits of America.” Rich will give a short description of a real news story, and it’s your job to guess where the story came from.

The first story involves a man hiding inside a toilet at a waterpark and when we say inside, we mean inside. The man hid in the tank of the toilet until a woman noticed him and let authorities know. He was removed and hosed down like an animal and arrested.

The second story featured a woman who was very upset that there was a dead person in the house next-door for three weeks until they were mad. Actually she was a little more than upset, but she outlines how she thinks the city should be run and she knows how to get things done.


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