BOSTON (CBS) – Just when you thought there was light at the end of the tunnel, it appears the “Doc Rivers To The Clippers” saga may go on for a little while longer.

According to the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn, the NBA has not yet signed off on the deal that would send Rivers to L.A. and a 2015 first-round pick back to the Celtics.

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NBA commisioner David Stern already said he would not approve one trade proposed by the two teams last week, squashing a Rivers/Kevin Garnett swap for DeAndre Jordan and two first-rounders, as coaches are not allowed to be traded for players.

Stern is expected to approve the latest proposal, but the delay just adds more drama to the ongoing mess that has included numerous “done deals” gone bad, broken talks that were magically fixed when Chris Paul gave his two cents, and a few cancelled press conferences.

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It’s reported the Clippers would like to introduce Rivers as their new head coach sometime on Wednesday, ahead of Thursday’s NBA Draft. Time will tell if Stern gives the deal his stamp of approval by then.


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