By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

WENHAM (CBS) – An usual kidnapping lands the so-called victim in trouble with police.

Beverly investigators say 24-year-old Maria Brayfield lied to police when she claimed she had been abducted out of her apartment and forced to drive her car on Route 128 in Wenham.

The two masked men then locked her in her trunk and fled.

That’s when she said two good Samaritans smashed her back window and pulled her to safety.

Turns out her story was a hoax.

“Our criminals investigation division determined that she had made up the whole story. At that time she was released,” Beverly Police Officer Mike Boccuzzi said.

Brayfield later confessed to police that she was actually drunk and feared being pulled over by police so she lied.

“It was a little beyond odd to me,” one resident said.

Neighbors say Brayfield is typically very quiet, but this time her actions caused a lot of commotion.

“The whole house started shaking and police were everywhere trying to bust the door down,” resident Domenick Sciola said.

Brayfield is charged with filing a false police report.




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