It was a nasty foul Friday morning with some pouring rain across the region during much of the commute. Most areas received 1-2″ in eastern MA with a few spots in excess of 2″. The highest totals came in from western and southwestern New England where 2.5 to 3.25″ were quite common. West Hartford, CT checked in with 3.24″ and Avon, CT got 3.03″. This all started a week ago today when most of the region received torrential rain of 2.5 to 5″. Out of the last 9 days, there has only been one day without a drop of rain and that was last Sunday, June 9 when the weather was a perfect 10! As of 8am today, Boston’s total for the month is 8.41″ which makes it the 6th wettest June on record and there are 16 days remaining! Many of the WBZ WeatherBug Network stations are showing monthly totals of 8-10″!

The envelope of rain has exited the region as the storm shifts eastward over the Atlantic. As the cloudiness parts for some developing sunshine, the air will be heated and sufficient unstable air remains behind to prompt the the predicting of a few spotty showers an isolated lighting and thunder later this afternoon mainly over northwestern New England. These showers will track southeastward into parts of MA and possibly into a few of the northern and western suburbs of Boston early this evening as a weak front and trough of low pressure pass through. Once this departs, drier and stable air will flow in to set us up for a near perfect 10 day tomorrow. It will be a carbon copy of last Sunday. So after the sky clears out and it cools off to 50-55 tonight, it will warm up to the upper 70s to near 80 with almost unlimited sunshine with a few clouds dotting the sky tomorrow. It will be great from the mountaintops to the seashore but there will be a few more patches of clouds over the summits than down here in southern New England. The visibility will be great in the refreshing air. The wind will blow mostly at 10-20 mph from the northwest to west. The tide is high around 4:30-5pm. The ocean temperatures are in the middle 50s. After another nice cool night tomorrow night, Father’s Day will feature some deteriorating weather as some morning sunshine yields to increasing clouds by midday into the afternoon with a risk of a few scattered showers rushing in from the west. The risk is highest north and west of the Boston area. Expect similar highs in the upper 70s to near 80.

Looking ahead to next week, the frontal boundary which will trigger the showers Sunday afternoon and night will shift offshore by Monday morning so most of Monday will be decent with partly sunny conditions and a low risk of any rain. After that, the next frontal boundary and trough of low pressure will deliver more numerous showers and boomers on Tuesday with a nice zone of high pressure to sponsor  a beautiful day on Wednesday. High temperatures will be a bit over 80 on Monday, in the middle 70s in the rain on Tuesday then back to the upper 70s to near 80 on Wednesday and Thursday.

Todd Gutner will post his blog early this evening and Joe Joyce will be on duty all weekend.

Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.


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