By Bill Shields

BROCKTON (CBS) – Animal Control workers have found a dog that ran off after a crash in West Bridgewater on Monday. Now they are working to reunite her with her owner.

The dog, named Lulu, was in a car that rolled over on Route 24 and caught fire. Her owner wasn’t hurt, but Lulu ran off. The pit bull spent nearly 20 hours in the woods but she is now safe.

Searchers ended up finding her in the woods.

After being cleaned up and fed, Lulu was brought to the J.M. Pet Resort in Brockton.

The reunion with her owner didn’t go as planned. He is currently in between homes and has National Guard duty. So she will remain at the shelter for now.

“We’re allowed to keep the dog for seven days,” says Jeni Mather of J.M Pet Resort, “and if they don’t show up then we have a fantastic program.”

So Lulu was given a private suite, complete with a Fenway Park mural and if the owner doesn’t show up in seven days they’ll look for a good home.

The Blue Dog Shelter, where Lulu will go if her owner doesn’t want her, has a 90% successful adoption rate.

“We look for a place to love this dog,” says Malicha Cronshaw-Bonanca of Blue Dog Shelter, “a family for this dog to be with, a nice warm bed, nice good food and training.”


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