BOSTON (CBS) — Wes Welker ranks first all time in Patriots history for receptions, second in receiving yards and eighth in receiving touchdowns. He carries countless great memories from his time in New England, however he admitted that he wasn’t happy with the way his Patriots tenure ended.

Welker talked with Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver and said both he and Tom Brady weren’t pleased that the team essentially decided to move on without him.

“After it happened, obviously we talked and everything like that,” Welker told Silver. “He was upset about it, and part of me was a little upset about it too. But things happen for a reason, and I’m excited about the opportunities here and the type of team we have and things that we can do.”

Welker also said that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning sent him text messages when free agency began and that the Broncos showed more of an apparent interest in signing him than the Patriots.

“Feeling wanted – it’s a good feeling,” Welker said.

Manning told Silver that after Welker signed with the Broncos, Manning received a text message from Brady, which said: “He’s one of my favorite players I ever played with and you’re gonna really enjoy playing with him.”

Welker said he still admires and respects Robert Kraft and seemingly isn’t holding on to too many negative feelings about his departure from New England.

“It is [a bummer], but I think [Brady] understands it, and I understand it,” Welker said. “It’s been going on for years and years. I’m not the first [Patriots] player that this happened to, and I definitely won’t be the last.”

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