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Consider this:

Travel with Jay Talking.

I am always looking for a bargain, especially when it comes to travel, and the trick is to go where the crowds don’t go. If you are willing to travel to a hot destination in the summer, a world of bargain travel opens up to you.

Consider New Orleans for this year’s vacation trip. The Big Easy is exotic, cultural, fun, and it is hard to find better food anywhere in the world. And if you are willing to go during the summer, it can all be yours at a very attractive price.

I have been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, as well as during the slower, warmer months, and I prefer the latter. Besides being a more pleasant experience, it is far cheaper. The same hotel room that cost me eighty-nine dollars in late May costs much more when the crowds are thick.

Of course, New Orleans is hot and humid in the summer, but as long as you are mentally prepared for it, the weather only adds to the rich memories you will make in this extravaganza of sensory pleasure.

Let me recommend a few must-visit stops in New Orleans.

1. The Candlelight Lounge: Great music and a real local vibe.
2. Bullets: You might see trumpet great, Kermit Ruffins.
3. For food try Coops. It’s in the quarter, but locals go there too. Great blackened redfish.
4. The Erin Rose: Killer frozen Irish coffee.

Have fun and tell em Bradley Jay sent you.

Check out this Jay Talking travel video: Destination New Orleans.

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