By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

A frontal boundary is draped near New England this evening and along it rain showers are breaking out.  This rain is not associated with TS Andrea…the remnants of which will travel up the East Coast and thoroughly drench us Friday and Friday night.

Tonight’s rain will cool the atmosphere…surface temps will fall back into the 50s and low 60s by morning just as the warmer, somewhat tropical air is working up from the south.  This is key because not only will the remnants of Andrea be loaded with moisture but as warm air rides up and over cooler air, even more moisture will get squeezed out.  The result will be very heavy bands of rain later tomorrow and tomorrow night.  Rain amounts will range from 2-3″ with locally higher amounts and temporary street flooding will be an issue along with the rise of creeks and smaller streams.  The storm will be decaying a bit as it comes up the coast so winds will not be much of a factor…most experience NE winds of 15-30 mph.  But along the South Coast, closer to the storm’s center, winds could gust as high as 45mph for a brief period later Friday night.

Andrea will be a fast mover and the rain will shut off by Saturday morning…drier air will gradually work in behind the departing storm and breaks of sunshine will appear.  The air will remain unstable behind the system so lots of clouds will be present throughout the day on Saturday.  Temps will struggle with limited sunshine getting capped in the lower 70s.  Sunday will be a little better with longer intervals of sunshine and temps in the middle 70s.  All in all, not a perfect weekend but at least the majority of it will be rain-free.


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