LYNN (CBS) — Positive messages sprinkled throughout Lynn are a reminder to residents to stop and smell the roses and see the beauty on their city streets.

Credit: Lynn Secret Poet/Facebook)

Credit: Lynn Secret Poet/Facebook)

The works of Lynn’s “Secret Poet” are popping up everywhere; in the Lynn Woods, on the door handles of downtown businesses, in chalk on Lynn Shore Drive, even in a stairwell of City Hall.

Each poem – just a few words long, are positive messages to the city. So far, no one knows who is behind the poems.

“Lynn Love,” one acrostic poem says.

“The goal is simple though not a quest. I want to see happiness and Lynn at its best.” a poem on “Lynn Secret Poet” Facebook said.

Could the poetry be a way to silence the age-old taunt about Lynn being the “city of sin?”

If it works, it would accomplish something City Solicitor Michael Barry couldn’t do.

Barry proposed renaming the city “Ocean Park” in 1997 but the idea didn’t catch on.

Carla Cheri received a poem where she works, at social services agency Centerboard downtown. She says  the tenor of the poems is positive and she’s happy someone is spreading the Lynn love.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

“By seeing these positive messages around, somebody is finally vocalizing how they feel,” Cheri said. “There is a lot of love for Lynn, I love Lynn.”

Cheri has invited the mystery poet to display his or her poems at Centerboard.

“It’s nice to see someone finally being positive about Lynn,” she said.


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