By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

CHINATOWN (CBS) – A Sudbury man says someone could have killed him or his sons, when they tossed a full gallon container of water off the top of an eight story building.

Steven Adelman and his sons went to Chinatown Sunday morning to eat dim sum at one of their favorite restaurants. When they returned to the car in the parking lot, a large jug of water came crashing to the ground and exploded right where his 16-year-old son had just been standing.

“It landed approximately a foot from my son and a foot from the car. It was frighteningly close,” Adelman said. “I was terrorized. I was frightened for the life of my child.”

The gallon of water had come from the roof of the eight story building. When Adelman looked up he saw a woman peering over the edge and snapped a photo of her. A man was also on the roof.

“The male was visible to my son and made an obscene gesture toward him,” Adleman said.

He called Boston Police to report the crime. As of Thursday night, BPD had not identified any suspects.

The gallon of water is only a couple pounds on its own, but passersby marveled at the velocity it would have picked up before crashing to the ground.

“It could have been me or my friends, anybody,” said a student named Evgeniya who lives in the building.

WBZ showed her the photo of the woman on the roof, but she couldn’t make out the face.

“There are a bunch of students here who are stupid. I’m not going to lie,” she said.

The roof of the building does not have a deck or anywhere people would be welcome to hang out. However it is easily accessed from the building. A padlock that is supposed to close the hatch is usually left unlocked residents said.

Adelman would like to see the person caught, though he doubts it will happen. He says he doesn’t believe there was anything accidental about the projectile fired at his family.

“Whether the people who dropped it knew it or not, they could have killed one of us,” he said.


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