BOSTON (CBS) – Pittsburgh Penguins play-by-play man and two-time Stanley Cup Champion Phil Bourque joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Adam Jones Show on Tuesday night, baffled by what he’s seen out of the Pens over the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals.

“What I’ve witnessed over the last two games is befuddling to me to be quite frank. It’s almost like a bad dream and I want to slap myself and wake up,” said Bourque. “They’re out of sorts right now and there’s no excuse for it. There’s no reason for it except for the Boston Bruins and the way they’re playing.”

“(The Bruins have) stuck to their game plan and have gotten under their skin, especially under their star players. They’ve executed offensively and defensively and have the Penguins on their heels,” he continued. “But with that said, this is a seven game series and I expect a completely different Penguins team in Game 3.”

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Bourque was part of the 1990-91 Penguins team that got down 0-2 to the Bruins in the Conference Finals only to come back and win the series.

“You feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, that you were so bad you almost feel rejuvenated. Like ‘I got that out of my system, time to pull up the boot straps and play Penguins hockey.’” he said. “We’re talking over 20 years ago, but I remember clearly that there was a renewed vigor and energy in our room as to what was ahead of us; The opportunity we had to come back against the Bruins after they laid it on us those first two games.”

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So, can these Penguins pull it off?

“The talent is in the room to come back on the Bruins, but the Bruins also have the talent to put them away. But if the stars show up and we get the goaltending, this could be an interesting series.”


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