BOSTON (CBS) — A 67-year-old bus driver from Philadelphia could be facing jail time, in connection with a crash in February that left 35 people injured including one person who is paralyzed.

Samuel J. Jackson was driving the bus, and heading back to the Philadelphia area after a tour of Harvard, when he mistakenly drove the bus onto Soldiers Field Road, which is restricted to cars only.

The bus hit the Western Ave. overpass in Brighton, and almost sheared the roof off. Jackson was not hurt.

Investigators could not determine the speed of the bus when it struck the top of the bridge, but they noted an abundance of warning signs along Jackson’s route, including some illuminated by flashing lights, and hanging chains intended to notify drivers of the low clearance.

Today, in court, Jackson said nothing, as he faced arraignment, charged with Negligent Operation.

After he was released, his daughter stood up for him. “He’s a good father, and a good driver!”, she said, as they walked away.

The 42 passengers on board, ranging in age from teenagers to adults, were from a Bristol, Pennsylvania youth program called Destined for a Dream.


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