BOSTON (CBS) – After an sore AC joint caused him to miss his last turn in the rotation, Clay Buchholz is set to return to the mound for the Red Sox on Sunday night in Yankee Stadium.

Buchholz threw a bullpen in Philadelphia on Thursday, and said the pain he felt after sleeping awkwardly last week is all but gone.

“The place I originally felt the stiffness, it’s pretty much gone,” Buchholz told on Thursday. “It’s just the soreness from, like I said [Wednesday], from messing around and pulling and tugging with the muscles [in the training room], but no, it just feels muscular. In the bullpen, I threw pretty much max effort. The ball came out of my hand a lot better there too.”

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After missing only one start, he is ready to take his 7-0 record and American League-leading 1.73 ERA to the Bronx against the Yankees.

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“I feel pretty confident. I haven’t lost the touch of any pitches and if I have, I have some days to tinker with it and have the ball feel comfortable in my hand,” he said. “I’m ready to get back out there. It’s hard sitting around watching your team battling and trying to win games and not being a part of it. As far as how I feel, I feel like I’ll be ready to go.”


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