By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

It’s been a very sad night in the Plains as tornadoes have been touching down all evening and the news just keeps getting worse…our thoughts and prayers are with the folks who were in harm’s way.

Closer to home we experienced a Summery day with highs clearing 80 for some.  But big changes are marching in…a coldfront is sliding south from Northern New England ushering in much cooler air.  As this front slips through, clouds and dense areas of fog will form overnight.  We will be on the cooler side of the front tomorrow and this means a gloomy, raw day with highs in the mid 60s.  Low level moisture will be trapped on the cooler side of the front so drizzle will be possible too.

The front will then lift back north of the region on Wednesday and warm and humid air will surge back in.  Thunderstorms will be possible simply due to the airmass but there won’t be much of a trigger so any action that does develop will likely be isolated.  However, conditions become much more favorable for thunderstorms to form Thursday afternoon as the air will be warm and humid and we’ll have a trigger…a coldfront will provide lift for potentially severe thunderstorms.

The front will slide through Friday morning with some lingering damp weather but drier air will win out by the end of the day and the start of the holiday weekend.  Temps will settle into a very comfortable range of 65-70 with a lot of sunshine to kick the weekend off.  The second half of the weekend is as clear-cut but at this time there aren’t any indications for much more than a few pop-up showers at worst.



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