Before The Debate: We Want Your Questions For Markey Vs. Gomez

By Jon Keller, WBZ Political Analyst
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BOSTON (CBS) – U.S. Senate candidates Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez will participate in a live debate on Wednesday, June 5, from 7-to-8 p.m., and we want you to be part of the action.

Markey and Gomez will debate live in the WBZ studios with questions from yours truly and a Boston Globe reporter. You can watch the debate on WBZ-TV,, or hear it live on WBZ-AM NewsRadio 1030.

You can participate by sending me a question for possible use in the debate at this e-mail address:

Guidelines: in these debates, each question will be asked of both candidates. So keep your suggestions issue-oriented and appropriate for all three to address.

Keep in mind, this is a contest for U.S. Senate, not mayor or governor, so filter your question accordingly.

We’re looking for substantive questions, not campaign rhetoric or personal attacks.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, we will use your name or initials if we use your question. If you want to remain anonymous, please do tell us where you live so we can at least identify the locale of the question.

So with that in mind, give it some thought and send us a question or two for consideration.

And save the date – Wednesday, June 5.

You can follow Jon on Twitter @kelleratlarge.

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