By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Many hit 80+ today and that hasn’t happened in quite some time…the last time it happened in Boston was last Summer, September 14th…243 days ago!  It won’t happen again tomorrow, cooler air is already flowing in and tonight many towns will fall back to the 40s.  As we head into the weekend, high pressure will settle over us tomorrow and Saturday…this will lead to ample sunshine and diurnal puffy cumulus.  There will be just enough instability for some pop-up showers in Northern New England and perhaps a sprinkle down here.  Highs will be about 10 degrees cooler…around 70.  Saturday will be very similar with a blend of sun and clouds, highs near 70 expect near the coast where seabreezes will keep towns in the 60s.

The highs will begin to slide east on Sunday and moisture will try to make headway into New England from the west.  The high will attempt to stay strong and limit the forward progress of the moisture but clouds will increase and a few showers may sneak into New England especially out West.

Early next week, moisture will continue to close in on us from the west and also from the south…it’s a matter of time before some showers get in here and Monday looks like the day as a warmfront works up from the south.  That warm front will be the leading edge of some very warm and humid air that is poised to flow in middle of next week.  If it does get in here there will be a good chance of airmass thunderstorms.


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