BOSTON (CBS) – While nearly everyone is calling for the Boston Celtics to move on from veterans Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, one former Celtic is hoping they keep it together for another run – and possibly two.

Brian Scalabrine joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Thursday, and painted a very different picture than most when it comes to the future of the Celtics.

“Everyone is talking about blowing the team up. I think they’re in a good position at least for the next two years,” said Scalabrine. “Even if Garnett retired and Paul went somewhere else, they still wouldn’t have cap space to make major moves. They could make trades, but I’m talking about what they have now. Why not keep these guys and play this thing out for the next two years?”

“Kevin Garnett was an All Star this year; don’t think of him as the Garnett of five years ago but he’s a very serviceable big. Garnett makes $13 million; (Golden State’s) Andris Biedrins doesn’t even get off the bench and makes ($9) million. There are a lot of guys out there that KG is 10-times, 100-times better than at his age,” said Scal. “Garnett at $13 million is worth it.”

“Pierce, even if you don’t want to pick up his option, it doesn’t hurt you long term. Everyone says he was exposed in the playoffs, but I think that’s because Rondo wasn’t out there and he had to do too much,” he said. “I think they keep these guys together and go to the draft and try to find a big that is strong that can bang and rebound, and I think that can help them a lot.”

Scal, who is currently working with players getting ready for the June draft (just for fun), has one name the Celtics should consider when they pick 16th overall: seven-footer Steven Adams out of Pittsburgh.

“I haven’t seen him in action like 5-on-5, but this kid would be a tremendous asset for the Celtics,” said Scal. “He’s strong and big and would take so much pressure off guys like Garnett. He’s athletic and pretty intelligent, and would fit in pretty well.”

“He’s from New Zealand, a freak athlete. I always talk about Omer Asik and he’s similar to that; big and strong, and with guys like Garnett and Doc Rivers teaching him, this guy would be very valuable for the Celtics.

“If you add a guy like this, it makes the Celtics a different team. They no longer have rebounding issues and you can move Garnett to the four,” said Scalabrine. “People think the Celtics have big problems — I don’t see it like that. I think they have a couple issues to resolve.”

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