By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Muggy flow has arrived in New England and you can feel the change in the air.  Dewpoints, a measure of the moisture in the air are at Summer-like levels…hence the downpours we experienced today.  There is no organized area of rain within this flow but a downpour can literally pop-up at any time…conditions will remain ripe for this activity through the first half of the night.

Tomorrow will start murky but I expect a few breaks of sunshine to develop midday…this will destabilize the atmosphere…the result showers and thunderstorms will pop-up in the afternoon.

The entire storm system will lift north on Friday and low clouds will part for sunshine and very warm temps with highs in the 70s to finish up the workweek.

Over the weekend, another storm system will approach from the west…the flow will turn southerly pumping in warmth and more moisture.  As the front closes in it will start to get active in the afternoon with showers and potential thunderstorms.  The front will slowly work through by Sunday morning this will keep showers going through the night and a few will linger on Mother’s Day morning but the afternoon looks much drier and sunshine should pop out salvaging most of the day!


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