A Blog by Gary LaPierre

As my long-time friend George often said….”what a great country eh?”   Yup, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hasn’t even launched it’s new entrepreneurial business yet…..selling marijuana  joints to sick people and pot heads…..and already, the geniuses of Beacon Hill want to start another hassle over how many pot-joints the Commonwealth should really have licensed.

The kick-back I get every time I bring this subject up should be enough to keep me away from it, but this is just totally irresistible and I just cant help myself.     The misguided voters of the state said “yes” last November to allowing the Commonwealth to get into the pot-selling business…for medicinal purposes only you understand ;-) and the bill approved by the brain trusts on Beacon Hill said the state should have 30 locations.  Thirty dispensaries around the Commonwealth where citizens could go buy some here-to-for illegal dope.   Oh yes, it’s for medicinal purposes only, prescribed by a Doctor for cancer patients, Parkinson’s diseases, AIDS, or maybe even, headaches, bellyaches, depressions, glaucoma, sleeplessness, overweight, hunger pains…. you name it.     Thirty locations….maybe in Wellesley, Sudbury, Andover, Lincoln, Hamilton….maybe even in Richmond.  Guess who lives there!

Medicinal pot heads have become such a nuisance in every (the very few) state it has been tried, I find it amazing the Commonwealth really wants to go through with this.   The majority of the people (allegedly) favor it, most of my acquaintances do as well, but before the state opens its first-ever weed-dispensary, the Public Health Committee at the state house is scheduling a hearing on a move to reduce the number of “joints” from 30 to 10. TEN!  Plus they want language in there to say….”no wacky weed dispensing near a school, no weed within a thousand feet of a church and no-where near a civic center.”    What does this tell you?   Does it say this is a good thing?   I don’t think so…and if you need any reminders about the slippery slope of this enterprise, just check out Club 64 in Denver, Colorado.  Colorado is over-ridden by whack-jobs on a number of issues, but neighborhood pot joints……bring your own dope and perhaps some munchies and get stoned with us for the night… definitely over the top.


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