By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV New Hampshire Bureau Chief

AUBURN, NH (CBS) – New Hampshire State Representative Stella Tremblay is in hot water again for controversial comments she has made in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Republican from Auburn said that bombing survivor Jeff Bauman didn’t appear to be in shock and she questioned why he was not screaming after the blast.

Pictured: Jeffrey Bauman, shortly after losing both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombings. (CBS)

Pictured: Jeffrey Bauman, shortly after losing both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombings. (CBS)

“My first reaction to seeing the horror of that person who had the legs blown off … was that he was not in shock,” Tremblay reportedly said during a broadcast of the Pete Santilli Show on the Guerrilla Media Network on Tuesday. “And I looked, and I thought, ‘There’s something. I don’t know what’s wrong,’ but it seemed surreal to me … He was not in shock. He was not in pain. If I had had those types of injuries, I would be screaming in agony.”

“If it was me, I cut something little on my hand, I would be screaming in agony,” Tremblay also told WEEI radio on Friday.

Last week Tremblay came under fire for suggesting a government conspiracy was behind the bomb blasts.

“I’m not politically correct,” Tremblay told reporters at the time, while refusing to take back her assertion.

New Hampshire’s Republican Party has banned her from party activities and will not support her in next year’s elections.

“Representative Tremblay’s vile and disgusting comments have crossed a new line,” said Party Chairman Jennifer Horn.

Political analyst Scott Spradling says Tremblay is embarrassing for the people of New Hampshire and that there will likely be increased calls for her resignation.

“These aren’t professional politicians, these aren’t high-profile races, so it seems like every cycle you end up with someone willing to jam their foot in their mouth,” Horn said.

Numerous attempts by WBZ-TV to reach Tremblay on Friday have been unsuccessful.

There are no recall provisions for elected officials in New Hampshire, and to be expelled from the House would take a vote of her colleagues, but that is typically only done when a crime has been committed or there has been some sort of inappropriate financial gain.

The House of Representatives next meets on Wednesday, and there is talk of barring Tremblay from attending Republican meetings.

Comments (3)
  1. Jay Goodie says:

    Stella Tremblay speaks about what she saw with her eyes and has since been shunned for her opinion, it’s SICKENING!! What she said was correct, if someone just had 2 legs blown off they’d be in agony plus there would be a visible line of blood behind him on his wheelchair ride.. OH.. Did I say wheelchair??!!!.. lmao NO ONE would even think to put someone that’s lost 2 legs in a bomb blast just 15 minutes before into a frigging WHEELCHAIR!! You people need to wake the f**k up! We are being lied to over ‘n’ over again.
    Either YouTube or Google search “JEFF BAUMAN” and look for the TRUTH yourselves.. PLEASE!! Much love xx

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