By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

What can you say about this weather? It’s awesome and well deserved. It is about time for a good string of spring weather and it has finally arrived. Spring clean up is fully underway. New England is greening up nicely. The leaves are beginning to bloom and the pollen count is through the roof with these dry mild conditions. The forecast is pretty simple..and well known by now. We are the favorable side of an Omega block in the jet stream and this will make for plenty of days of dry pleasant weather with cooling sea breezes and warmer temps inland away from the light onshore wind.

Still, there are a few slight changes in the weather we will have to watch and we will focus on those changes here. Obviously, gorgeous weather today with highs near 70-75 in many inland areas this afternoon, especially outside 128 and 495. Winds will shift onshore for the SE for a cooling PM Sea breeze at the beaches.

We are tracking a short wave moving from the Mississippi valley to the Ohio valley which has been producing showers and thunderstorms. These showers will be pushing into the blocking high off the New England coast which is going NOWHERE! This high is not going to budge whatsoever.
Showers will push into NY and the Mid Atlantic and lose their legs. But high mid-level clouds will be spreading towards us later Monday. Clouds will thicken with low clouds backing in off the water into Tuesday foe a cloudy day with temps in the 60’s inland and 50’s at the coast…but mainly dry.

Once this weak short wave is off the coast, the Omega block will re-establish itself with a building ridge over the northeast which will remain firmly over us through next weekend! Meanwhile a big upper cut-off low will be digging into the midwest with more cold, a threat of snow and a general wet cool trend to take hold of the southeast and midwestern states for much of Early to mid May…at least through May 8th.

While we will remain dry and pleasant…temps will remain quite mild over us through the end of the week in the 60’s and the cooling sea breeze. Temps could very week warm into the 70’s by next weekend which this far out looks fantastic with a high over us, warming west winds, and the Upper low stuck west of us in the midwest. Weather forecasting is pretty much on autopilot for a while. No complaints from me! Enjoy!


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