A Blog by Gary LaPierre

What I really meant to say is………”thank God there is only one Congress, most of which is only given two years at a time to serve.  Not that the voting public will change anything to change it, because historically they almost never do.    The voters proved it again with Barack Obama, easily the most ineffective President of our lifetime and for his efforts, the voters put him in for another four years.   I don’t get it.    But between his sorry excuses and Congress’s inability to get out of its own way, this country continues to get screwed over day-in and day-out, the latest being the FAA turmoil and air-travel nightmares.   What a disgusting joke….and to blame sequestering makes it almost laughable.    The Democrats, led by their vindictive community organizer in the White House made a conscious decision to let it happen……let the public take another whoopin’ so they’ll have a better understanding on just how serious the situation is.     The Republicans on the other hand, clearly incapable of finding their own butt with either hand have demonstrated again, that party isn’t capable of organizing a one-car funeral and if what happened in air travel this past week is any indication of things to come, this country has really got something to worry about.

The FAA has been cutting back personnel for almost a year now and clearly, the sequester date was looming.    A lot of things could have been done to prevent it, but they opted to do nothing.   The White House, clearly bent on creating suffering among us,  joined in the refusal to do something about it and in a matter of hours, tens of thousands of air travelers were stranded and were suffering.     Four members of my family got caught in it.  My son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren were flying back to Boston with a stopover in New York.   All airline postings, up to the time they left Florida said….”flights are on time.”   The minute they landed at JFK in New York, facing a four-hour layover, the signs said “your flight will be delayed one hour.”     A half hour after that, the signs said “your flight to Boston will be delayed two hours.”     Now they’re lookin’ at a 6 hour airport delay, just to get from New York to Boston on a Monday evening.        Soon thereafter…the signs went up….”your flight is cancelled.”  No explanation (usually they lie about something) just “flight cancelled” and this family of four (including two 10-year old kids) starts the scramble to rent a car and now drive five hours to get home.    Perfect ending to a 14-hour day that should have been three and a half hours.

Disgraceful… unforgivable…….but then fixed in a heartbeat, as soon as Congress realized their flights home were about to be impacted as well. Thank God for Congress and BHO.   Please remember things like this on election day!!!


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