WATERTOWN (CBS) – Federal agents responded to the Francis Food Mart in Watertown after suspicious items were found there Wednesday afternoon.

A Planet Aid worker was collecting items from a donation bin when he found a garbage bag with fireworks in it. The driver sent pictures to his boss, Michael Tambosi, who called police.

Tambosi says they looked, “like a big firecracker” with a wick in it. “What I saw was maybe four or five of those and it looks like one of those was empty,” said Tambosi.

This discovery comes just one day after CBS learned that marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev bought fireworks in New Hampshire in February.

Authorities have told people in Watertown to be on alert and report anything suspicious in the wake of last week’s manhunt in the town.

“We called them because we thought if there is a one percent chance that this could be related to the incidents last week, then we will do all we can,” Tambosi said.

The two bins were being taken to Boston for fingerprints.

The ATF and FBI left the scene without commenting.

Belmont Street was closed and the grocery store was evacuated while authorities investigated.


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