By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

That had to be a top ten day and I hope it helped you manufacture a few smiles.  Tonight under that same cloudless sky will be a chilly night for the suburbs with some towns dipping into the 30s by morning.  We will start the day with lots of sunshine but as the day moves on high clouds will filter out the sun as a warmfront slides into the Northeast.  High pressure that just gave us a delightful day will slide offshore in the morning…this will turn winds onshore and slowly add moisture to the lower levels and by later Thursday evening low clouds will start to form along the coast then spread inland tomorrow night.

With strong high pressure offshore and an approaching coldfront from the west, air will be squeezed up the East Coast and it will ne loaded with moisture as well.  The result will be the first rather humid airmass of the season here in New England.  The coldfront will slowly inch through the region Friday night and Saturday morning…lift, moisture and warmth will provide enough juice for heavy downpours and possible thunder.  Drier air will punch in from west to east and after a half-inch or more of rain sunshine will start to break through the clouds Saturday afternoon.

Cool, dry air will dominate for the rest of the weekend and chilly sunshine prevails for your Sunday.


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