By Barry Burbank, Meteorologist, WBZ-TVBy Barry Burbank

BOSTON (CBS) – We’re getting closer and closer to the Great Boston Marathon.

The date of the race floats between the 15th and 21st of April. The average high temperatures during that week in April rise from 56 to 58. This year, the race falls on the earliest possible date of April 15th and I am predicting high temperatures a few degrees above the average of 56 degrees.

When most of the runners are crossing the finish line during the first half of the afternoon, the temperature will be rising from the upper 50s into the lower 60s.


Most of the Boston Marathons over the past decade have featured high temperatures near or slightly below the average. The real hot races occurred last year and back in 2004.

The weather for the 2013 Boston Marathon should be pleasant for most of the runners and spectators too. There will be no unusual weather to deal with this year.

After examining a myriad of meteorological computer models, confidence is increasing that we really have no worries. The only thing that could happen is the appearance of varying amounts of cloudiness for a period of time as a weakening warm front shifts northeastward across the region.

I think that most of the area will remain dry and much of the cloudiness could lift north of the race route during the day resulting in brighter sunshine.


Assuming the warm front passes, there would be a robust warmup from the early morning middle 30s to lower 40s into the middle to upper 60s by the end of the afternoon. With this happening, there would be a shift in the wind from the direction of southeast into the south-southwest which would be more of a cross wind component than a tail wind over much of the race course. The speed could freshen up to 10-20 mph as the afternoon progresses.

Thankfully, there will be NO repeat of last year’s heat at 87 degrees!

Leading up to the Boston Marathon, after rainy and cold conditions Friday, Saturday and Sunday will dry out and become partly sunny.

There is a low risk of a shower on both weekend days with highs in the middle 50s.

Monday Morning In Hopkinton:MARATHON FORECAST2 copy

Patchy clouds and sunshine, a light south-southeasterly breeze, temperatures starting out at 7am in the middle 30s then rising up to near 50 by race time.

Daytime Along The Course:

Patchy clouds but probably lots of sunshine, breeze picking up from the south at 8-18 mph, warming through the 50s by midday then up to 60-65 by mid-afternoon.

Finish Line In Boston:

Sunshine, a brisk south-southwesterly wind of 10-20mph with temperatures in the middle 60s fom mid-afternoon on.

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