It’s Red Sox opening day at Fenway Park, Felger & Mazz decided to hold off the Sox talk and threw a bunch of different topic of the table such as Kevin Garnett, the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, Rob Gronkowski’s injury status and Rick Pitino.

There might be an issue with Rob Gronkowski’s injured arm. Are his actions preventing him from getting healthy? The Bruins couldn’t score against the Canadiens even with a 6-4 advantage. Why was Tyler Seguin not on that power play at the end of the game?

The guys continued to day discussing the Celtics and how the team typically undersells injuries. Is Kevin Garnett really healthy? Bruins fans continued to dominate the call with concerns about the team and the loss to the Canadiens. They also continued to discuss the Red Sox.

The guys continued to discuss the Red Sox and the opening day win at Fenway Park and the great pitching so far. More on the Celtics and Bruins, plus The Final Word with Marc Bertrand.


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