BOSTON (CBS) – The NBA playoffs are right around the corner, and the Celtics have their ticket to the postseason.

They’ll likely end up with the seventh or eighth seed in the East, but that’s not the biggest question on the table for Boston’s basketball team. The biggest question mark as they make their way to the playoffs revolves around the health of Kevin Garnett.

Garnett could return from inflammation in his left ankle on Sunday, but is their defensive leader completely healthy with the postseason approaching?

Former Celtic Brian Scalabrine joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Friday to discuss Garnett’s health, and the overall health of the team — which will be the most important factor come April 20.

“I’m not nervous about Kevin, not at all,” said Scalabrine. “I could be wrong, he might have something majorly wrong with him, but his track record is he’s not a guy that misses games. If they needed him out there, he would be out there.”

“I don’t think Garnett will be an issue,” Scal continued. “I think he’ll be ready to go, he’ll be rested, and you’ll get the best of Kevin Garnett in the playoffs.”

Sunday will give KG a chance to knock off some rust, but expect a few more games off for the veteran with a pair of back-to-backs at the end of the regular season.

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“You don’t want his first game to be a playoff game, but you also don’t want to play him 40 minutes down the stretch of the regular season,” said Scal. “The biggest thing for the Celtics is they have to be healthy. You talk to them and they say we need to be healthy going into the playoffs and feeling good about ourselves, playing decent basketball. But the main point is them being healthy; if they’re healthy they can beat anybody.”

With Garnett returning, what will happen to Jeff Green. He’s thrived as a starter, but what will Boston’s starting five look like in the playoffs with Garnett back?

“That’s an interesting question. It’s clear to everyone that Jeff Green plays better as a starter, but in the playoffs it’s a different game,” said Scal. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they start Brandon Bass, but bring in Green off the bench in the first two minutes of a game. The rotations in the playoffs; you remember when it was Garnett five (minutes) on, five (minutes) off — you’ll see more of that in the playoffs. They’ll have a shortened rotation and a revolving door of guys. It will have less to do with rhythm and more to do with getting guys quick rests.”

Why has Boston been getting killed by the 3-pointer lately? And can Paul Pierce expect some rest too as the regular season comes to a close? Find out with Brian Scalabrine on Toucher & Rich!


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