BOSTON (CBS) – Transit Police are trying to identify a man who grabbed a $4,000 flute that was accidentally left behind on a bench at Park Street MBTA station.

Officials say a 21-year-old student at Berkeley College of Music boarded a Red Line train on Monday, March 25, around 11:40 a.m., not realizing she had left the instrument on a bench in the middle platform.

Police provided surveillance photos of a man believed to have taken the bag containing the flute.

(Photo from MBTA Police)

(Photo from MBTA Police)

They are trying to identify him so they can track down the flute.

The student reportedly needs the instrument back so she can teach music lessons. She also
needs the flute to fulfill school obligations in order to keep her scholarship.

The student “would be grateful to anyone who facilitates its return,” according to police.


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