DORCHESTER (CBS) – A teenager has been charged with stabbing a young mother in Dorchester Monday afternoon.

Officials say the father of the victim’s child had called her and requested that they meet on Midland Street in Savin Hill so he could give her a pair of sneakers for the eight-month-old child.

When the woman and child arrived, police say the child’s father attacked her.  

According to police, the child’s father restrained the victim while 17-year-old Samia Jones stabbed her six times with a 10-12 inch knife.

Jones has been identified as the girlfriend of the father and the mother of another one of his children.

The victim collapsed in front of an ice cream store and customers rushed to help her until an ambulance arrived.

The child was not hurt and the mother’s wounds are not life-threatening. She remains at Boston Medical Center where she is recovering.

Jones was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder. She’s being held on $50,000 bail. The child’s father has not been identified, but police say they are in the process of getting a warrant for his arrest.


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