Adolfo was outside the Garden before the Bruins game against the Canadiens to play a little game of Ask A Pink Hat and answer some very simple hockey and Bruins questions.

The young lady he ran into informed him that she has been a Bruins fan her whole life and her favorite player was number 37. Does she know that Patrice Bergeron wears 37?

Unfortunately we’ll never know as there was no follow up by Adolfo on this one, but it’s probably safe to say that she had no clue. Let’s see how she’ll does with these questions.

1. How many minutes are there in a period of hockey?

2. What does icing mean?

3. What is a penalty kill?

4. Who is the coach of the Bruins?

5. The statue in front of the Garden is of what former Bruin?

6. Finish the Bruins player name:

Brad _____
Tyler ______
Zdeno _______


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