BOSTON (CBS) – Kevin Garnett will be taking a seat for the next two weeks, resting a foot injury as the Boston Celtics close out the regular season.

This is the latest in a current rash of ailments to hit the 36-year-old Garnett, and is causing concern with the playoffs less than a month away.

Celtics play-by-play man Mike Gorman joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Tuesday, and said there is plenty cause for concern with it comes to KG’s injury.

“He had a boot on on the plane the other night and it was bothering him at the end of the game in Dallas. I wish it was an ankle sprain, I’d feel better,” said Gorman. “The fact it’s inflammation, it’s something that requires rest — and a lot of rest. Hopefully it won’t be something that as soon as he’s active again the inflammation becomes active again.”

“I’m concerned. I was concerned the other night on the air when everyone on the Celtics staff kept referring to it as a foot injury as opposed to a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle I could live with; a foot injury is scary.”

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The Celtics have now lost four straight and welcome the New York Knicks to the Garden on Tuesday night. Boston currently holds a two game lead over the Milwaukee Bucks in the standings for the seventh seed in the East, but given their recent woes, is Gorman concerned they might fall back into the eighth seed, setting up a first-round matchup with the Miami Heat?

“It’s a possibility, but concern might be strong. They have two games on Milwaukee, and if you look at their schedule they have a nasty schedule left,” Gorman said of the Bucks. “I don’t think Milwaukee will catch Boston; I think they’re relegated to the seven-spot, and the question is if they play the Pacers or the Knicks.”

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“As much as I’m concerned about Kevin’s foot, I don’t think Milwaukee can win 8 of 10, or even 6 of 10,” said Gorman.


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