FOXBORO (CBS) – The wrestling coach at Foxboro High School is accused of trying to kill his wife.

Police went to James Fraser’s Sherman Street home Sunday afternoon after his wife reported that he tried to strangle her.

Fraser, 45, was arraigned Monday on Domestic Assault and Battery and Attempted Murder charges. He was released on bail.

Foxboro Schools Superintendent Debra Spinelli said, “This is a personnel matter; as such, I can not comment.”

At least one of the wrestlers on Fraser’s team could not believe the charges against his coach.

“I don’t believe it. I don’t think he has it in him to murder anyone,” said Tim Dure, a senior wrestler. He added that he had been with Fraser and his wife at their home. “He respects his wife, he loves his wife.”

Dure admitted that his coach could turn some people off with his loud behavior. But, he said, the wrestlers respected him as a role model.

“He taught me wrestling and through wrestling he taught me how to be. He gave me motivation to do well in school,” Dure explained.

Parents at Foxboro High School were concerned by the charges. “I’m glad my son isn’t a wrestler,” said one mother. Others said they hoped Fraser would be kept away from students while the case works its way through court.

Fraser is out on bail but did not answer the door at his home. His family members refused to comment on the case.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk contributed to this report.


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