In this week’s edition of “10 Questions with Wiggy,” the guys covered topic such as NFL Free Agency, the NCAA Tournament, the emergence of Jackie Bradley, and much more.

10. What’s the best NFL free-agent signing so far?

9. What’s the worst NFL free-agent signing so far?

8. What’s the best Patriots offseason move so far?

7. Have you ever had a contract with incentives? Did you reach them?

6. Who do you like in the NCAA tournament? Give us your Final Four and the tourney winner.

5. Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn are now officially dating. Who’s the one celebrity athlete you would want to date?

4. Other than Jackie Bradley, name the player you’d most like to see emerge from the Red Sox’ minor league system this year.

3. MLB and the NFL are butting heads over the proposed NFL season opener on Sept. 5 in Baltimore. Who should win out – MLB or the NFL?

2. David Krejci appears to have a dodged a bullet by escaping with only a bone bruise after taking Johnny Boychuk’s slapper off the knee on Sunday. Who’s the one player the Bruins cannot afford to lose this season?

1. After beating the Celtics last night, the Miami Heat have won 23 straight games. Miami’s next five games are, in order, at Cleveland, vs. Detroit, vs. Charlotte, at Orlando, at Chicago. When will Miami lose again Wiggy and will they break the Lakers’ record of 33 straight?

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