By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

We are less than a week from the arrival of Spring, but apparently Mother Nature hasn’t received the memo! It’s going to be cooler-than-normal throughout the next 7 days. That’s probably not the best news that you’ll hear today but at least it is FRRRiday! :)

Skies will be clouding up today before we introduce the chance for a flurry or raindrop this evening. It will be blustery and cold for mid-March standards. Highs will be bobbing back and forth around the 40F degree mark.

This last weekend of Winter ’12-’13 is going to remind us that March is a true transition month. We were enjoying temps in the 50s on Wednesday, but since then, temps took a tumble and haven’t recovered yet. Saturday will be partly sunny with a slim chance of a flurries. Otherwise, it will remain cool with highs near 40F. Sunday, which is St. Patrick’s Day, will be a sun-filled day, but temps will continue to be chilly with thermometers just making it to 40F, give or take a degree or two.

Monday will start to show signs of a storm system approaching from our west. Clouds will be thickening throughout the day, and temps will be hanging near 40F once again. Precipitation will set-in Monday night as a wintry mix. For most areas, I believe that the sun angle this time of year as well as the positioning of the warm front will allow for this wintry mix to switch to rain on Tuesday. A couple of areas of concern though…north-central Mass, higher elevations, and southern NH. These few areas may be encountering ‘cold air damming’. If this is what happens, which is what isobars are depicting, it could be a plain ol’ wintry mix/heavy, wet snow event at those specific locales. The EURO, which has been rather reliable lately, shows the coldest and slowest solution. It still has rain for eastern and southeastern Mass on Tuesday, but it keeps a heavy, wet snow event possible north and west of 495. This will need to monitored closely with each new model run. The WBZ Weather Team has you covered.

By Wednesday, the official arrival of Spring, cold air will still be hanging tough, but at least there will be partly sunny sky (slight chance of an afternoon flurry).

Happy FRRRiday!
~Melissa :)


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